Not only is our dialer reliable, cost-effective and efficient, it gives you the flexibility to customize to accommodate almost any dialing strategy.
Features List


Our platform is designed to use dedicated servers for each client. We can support call centers of any size. We utilize multiple carrier sip trunks with plenty of outbound channels so that we can scale up and down as needed. A 4:1 ratio ensures each agent will get plenty of live calls.


Our cloud-based dialers are hosted in a state of the art data center in Atlanta, GA with redundant location in Raleigh North Carolina. The facility is operated around the clock 365 days of the year to ensure a 99.9% uptime*

Producing measurable results for the customers


A per month per agent cost includes unlimited outbound minutes, technical support, call recording and all features of current and future version of the dialer.

Agent Requirements

For each agent, the hosted solution includes a voip softphone phone. Some hard phone are supported. For soft phones, we provide and recommend using 3CX version 6. These are computer programs that run on the agent's system. For hard phones, we recommend Cisco spa series ip phones. Each agent will also need a computer with the following minimum requirements: 500Mhz processor with 1 GB of ram and a web browser that supports Javascript (Firefox 1.0.6+ or IE 6+). If you will be running a soft phone on the computer then we would recommend at least a 1Ghz processor and 2 GBs of ram.

Bandwith Requirements

Each agent requires 87 kilobits for the phone connection and 3 kilobits for the web connection for a total of 90 kilobits. To calculate how much bandwidth, you need at your location, multiply the number of agents by 90 kilobits (Example: 20 agents x 90 kilobits gives you 1800 kilobits). To calculate how many megabits that is, divide the sum by 1024 (Example 1800 kilobits divided by 1024 is 1.757 megabits).